Sunday, September 19, 2010

apples & pumpkins

i updated like 5 days ago but there's more since then.

been busy with school... but i shot sarah at 9 months yesterday

this morning i shot rachel jean with mua sara proud

tomorrow i'm supposed to shoot victor rodriguez with elyse leyenberger...

here's some more from the shoot i did for miracolo salon

here's some from a project i did for david grahm's class for his image within an image assignment

the rest of my shoot schedule is the same from last post with the addition of
nov 7th: nicole gevirtz

i still have 3 more shoots in the works with no exact date.
also, things i want to do sooner than not:
-go apple picking... potentially with a camera & model
-go pick pumpkins/ corn maze/ pig racing/ apple cider/ FALL FESTIVITIES
-go to the shelter & pick up a litter of kittens to foster
-find a second job that i can work 1day a week for some extra cash
-set up an ebay auction

however... my free time is becoming extremely limited... and it's no one's fault but my own.
i still am feeling overwhelmed with what i get myself into. here's sig with my schedule book:
that about sums it up.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

end summer.

i feel like it's been a while.
after i got back from the shore, i went to ohio with greg. when i came back i started school.

sep 3rd was greg & my anniversary. we went to the allentown fair during the day with zeke & then went out to this all you can eat Brazilian steakhouse for dinner. it was incredible.

sep 5th i shot with sarah for her 8ish month shoot
sep 7th i saw the pixies-- amazing show!!
sep 11th i went to the lansdale bike show which was a good night all around. i wish i had pictures.
sep 13th i did a shoot for miracolo hair studio... here are some of the photos i've edited so far, although there are a LOT coming. 8 models... you get the idea.

so i've been pretty overwhelmed with school and having lots of new assignments on top of work & all the other shoots i've been planning... but i'll work it out.

sep-18: sarah vollman for her 9 month shoot!
sep-19: rachel jean with mua sara proud
sep-20: victor rodriguez with elyse
sep-26: rebecca marchand
sep-26: alien baby
10-3: tattoo day at my place! see more details here
10-9: Jennk opening and fashion show at BLue
10-10: BLue Hair Studio photo shoot
10-11: Ashley Petruska
10-17: Holly Smith & Charlette Hove

plus i have 4 planned for oct & nov that don't have firm dates yet...

got some pictures back from a few weeks ago...
photos by reagan lam, mua/hair nicole gevirtz, stylist belle morte

that's all i really have for you for now. i'll post more this weekend probably

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

so today i had a shoot with aubrey loftus. flickr has told me i am too efficient for the month so i can't post anything on there so here are all the photos from today... click to enlarge.

i love aubrey's clothing selection! hopefully i'll work with her again and maybe she can style some of my shoots.

i am now in ocean city nj with my family


on saturday i'm going to ohio with greg
i start classes on the 2nd.
my anniversary on the 3rd will be awesome.

sep 19 shooting with rachel jean
sep 26 shooting with rebecca marchand
sep 27 shooting with megan gardner

also there is a parrot on my shoulder right now. not kidding.

that is all for now.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


so this week had its ups & downs. i guess i'll start with monday [9th]

monday i shot amanda stump as an ocean mess!

i've decided to try & include a little behind the scenes from shoots...
it took rubber cement to get the shells to stick. the sand? from home depot. this was actually in the dirt in my backyard. real seaweed, thanks to the korean market. fun stuff eh?

the 10th i did an ophelia inspired shoot with holly smith & makeup artist/ assistant sara proud.

first time working with both of them- & i absolutely loved what we came up with! my camera started acting up but it pulled through.

the 11th i did a shoot with lauren mychal, makeup artist nicole gevirtz & jennk boutique.

halfway through this shoot my camera lens died. i pretty much broke down.

sooo.... that was the end of shooting for a while. and the start to vicious lens researching/ shopping.

since that my life has consisted of random tidbits...
my parents got back from alaska & brought me this.
got another edited photo back from hannah kate
elyse informed me that she needs me to catsit barley... one of my little foster babies in a few weeks. lovvvveeee herrrr!
accidently dyed my hair SUPER purple yesterday. woops.
and THENNN i decided on what lens i wanted & i bought a nikkor 24-70mm f 2.8 lens.
it's worth my soul & probably 3 times as much as you think. i better be crankin out some BANGIN photos is all i gotta say. it just came in the mail today, but i won't be back to my mom's until this weekend.

so upcoming things!

sunday 22nd- modeling for reagan lam, makeup by nicole gevirtz, wardrobe by belle_morte
monday 23rd- shooting aubrey loftus

and then... again, trying to keep this last little bit of my summer fairly open in hopes to maybe, i dunno, go to the shore? or on a little mini vacation? who knows.

sep 3rd is my 2 year anniversary with my wonderful boyfriend, greg hess. whom i love very much.

end of september shoots with models
megan gardner- sep 27th
hannahble lector- tba
rachel jean- tba
rebecca marchand- tba

that's all i have for you. goodnight.